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About us

M3S specializes in the development of breathing apparatus. The company, located in the Var County (France), was founded by Bertrand HEMARD and Alexandre FOX in 2012. The entire team at M3S is passionate about scuba diving and cave diving.

Our underwater experiences and passion for diving led us to embark on this insane challenge of reinventing the diving rebreather. M3S has managed to innovate, develop and manufacture the TRITON, a mechanical chesmounted rebreather intended for all recreational and technical divers.

The TRITON is the smallest and lightest rebreather on the market, as well as the easiest to breathe. 


The TRITON has extended beyond recreational and technical diving due to its acquired expertise, and is now being used in professional and military environments.  

We advocate the  « Made in France » which has led us to partner and collaborate with several French companies specializing in their respective fields. 

Our story

October 2011

Febuary 2012

March 2015 - June 2018

June 2018 - November 2018

March 2020

December 2021

The diving world is moving, the idea of a pure oxygen belly rebreather is emerging, and why stop there? The concept of a ventral mCCR rebreather was born, the TRITON.

After 3 years of research and development, where we started from the fundamentals of the rebreather. We have CE certified the Triton with the best breathing performance on the civilian market.. 

Development of the company and the product on different markets (French, European, Asian, Australian, ...)

Military request for the development of a military rebreather following the Thai rescue of a team of 12 boys and their trainer where the Triton made it possible to advance exploration in the flooded cave. 

Registration of the TBO by the DGA

Start of the European EDIDP-CUIIS project for the development of the rebreather for the clearance diver of tomorrow.

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